Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Top of Foot Pain (TOFP)

Went for a rather sweaty 1.75 miles today in my FiveFinger Classics.  Was going really well, but noticed a pain beginning in the top of my right foot at just over a mile in.  Alarm bells started ringing because of my old stress fracture, so whilst I kept running, I concentrated on whether the pain was getting worse or not.

At 1.45 miles, I planned to take off my Classics and run the remaining 0.3 miles barefoot (as usual).  I was curious to see if the pain got worse without the shoes, but was surprised to find completely the opposite.  No pain at all.

The pavements were lovely and warm, and I didn't feel at all self conscious today, and because the TOFP went away when I took the shoes off, it felt easier running barefoot than in shoes!  No aches and pains now.  Just can't wait to up the distance really!

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