Friday, 6 July 2012

Mid run barefooting

I departed from my usual route today and ran a 3.5 miles circuit through some country lanes in my VFF Classics.

Where I ran today - Image from Google
Just over a mile in, I took my Classics off, and ran barefoot.  This was a challenge because I'm used to the fairly well kept, smooth pavements around our housing estate.  This road was old, crumbly, gritty and dirty - a typical unkempt country lane.  It felt great though, my feet have definitely toughened up, and the gritty stones didn't bother me at all.  In fact, I think I had more discomfort from rogue stones when I was wearing the Classics.

Llanwern lanes
Narrow lanes - Image from Google
Quite a few vehicles passed me when I got into the village area, including a work van which had to pull in to allow a bus to get through.  Both occupants were clearly discussing why on earth I might be standing there (letting the vehicles pass as it was very narrow) in bare feet, holding a weird looking pair of shoes with toe pockets.  They looked very confused!

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