Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Barefoot Fun

On Sunday I repeated the route I did a few days ago through the country lanes and then across the M4 roundabout. A 4.5 mile run with 2.2 miles in bare feet all in.

This time though, I felt a bit braver, and I didn't avoid the staring eyes of all those folks waiting in their cars for the lights to change, wondering why on earth this woman was crossing a roundabout in running gear but with shoes in hand instead of on her feet.  Instead, I looked at their faces.

It was a great laugh, and my husband and I were thoroughly amused to see so many double takes and wide eyes.  For once, instead of feeling conspicuous and self conscious, I just enjoyed the moment.  It was a great feeling, and brightened my day.  I hope it brightened the day for those who saw me, running barefoot and laughing.

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