Sunday, 5 May 2013

Yay - 2 miles plus

Headed out again today in my Vibram Classics with the intention of clinching that 2 miler that I missed on Friday.

Shoes felt good, though I did notice a bit of Top of Foot Pain at the site of my old stress fracture, so I didn't push it, just ambled along.  I took them off earlier than yesterday, telling myself that I could always put them back on if I needed to.

I ran the same route, and stayed barefoot for the whole of the run after that first mile or so.  My feet did feel a little bit sore - still recovering from Friday's 1.99 miles, and in particular, my left foot, on the far side at the base of my little toe felt a little uncomfortable.  There's not much padding there, and whilst I avoided most of the friction, there was still a bit of that tarmac rub which is noticeable now, a good few hours later.

Did have an amusing moment when a cyclist passed me and said 'enjoy your run'.  My brain took a while to engage, and what came out in return was 'yes..... thank you..... and you...... on your bike....'.  Doh!

Still, I'm well chuffed, as I've done 2.2 miles Barefoot today, with a total of 3.5 in all, and that takes me over 50 miles in bare feet since I started last year.

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