Friday, 7 February 2014

Marathon Training

It's been a while since I've posted, because I haven't done much running in the last few months.  However, in early January I put my shoes on (yes, trainers to start with) and ran a few miles.  After a couple of runs, I switched back to my Merrells, and I remembered why I love these shoes.

There hasn't been any barefoot running, mainly because it's been such awful weather, and since training for the half in October, I haven't had the opportunity to do pleasure running - i.e. barefoot, which is slower and shorter.

However, on the last few runs I've done, I've felt that old familiar urge to take off my shoes and feel the ground with my feet, so today, whilst there was a brief respite from the rain and wind, I set out in my Merrells, and after a mile I took them off and ran half a mile barefoot.

It was cold and wet, but it felt lovely to be running without any shoes again.  I did meet someone, and I told her I wasn't mad (though perhaps I was lying??!) and that I was doing a training run to which she replied "so I see!".

I'm hoping it's the first of many, but with marathon training started I may find myself in the same boat as before and needing to clock up the miles with shoes on.  It's a tricky one this.  My knee went after mile 6 in the half marathon - was that because I was wearing shoes, or just bad luck?  I'm not sure I'm ready for the full on barefoot only scene yet, but I can't deny that my joints seem to prefer it, and my feet aren't complaining either.


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