Sunday, 4 March 2012

I ran outside!

On Friday, my OH and I went for a 5 mile run - in our trainers.

I think I've blathered on about running barefoot so much, that when we got back, he suggested we both take off our trainers and run to the end of the next street.

It's only about 300m all in, but we did it.  I felt like a naughty school girl, running outside without my shoes on.  I tried to relax and maintain a fast cadence.  Actually, it wasn't that difficult - I naturally took very small steps, and unlike when I was running in my FiveFingers, I found that my foot went down ball first, then pretty flat straight away.  This would obviously help avoid a recurrence of my stress fracture, which I believe was caused by running on my toes in my Fives.

The pavement was fairly smooth, just little bits of gravel here and there, but they didn't hurt at all.  Not sure I'd have said the same if we'd gone much further, as it gets a lot stonier further down.

So, I've achieved my first outside run in bare feet.  I've lived to tell the tale.  I'm working on building a reputation as the mad woman who runs barefoot.  It's a start.

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