Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mad woman on the bridge

Ran a lovely 6.3 miles today across the Old Severn Bridge. It's a bit noisy with the cars hurtling past on one side, but on the other side it's uninterrupted views up the River Severn.

Having said that, I spent most of the time deciding which stretch of path I might do barefoot on the way back. Most of it was fairly smooth tarmac but with a healthy spattering of gravel.  Chose the spot I thought would be best. My feet would not be visible from passing cars, and I wanted to avoid a downhill incline as I think that would be harder on the feet.

On the return leg, I paused at said spot. Looked at my feet, checked there were no cyclists approaching, and promptly bottled it! What if CCTV picked me up and saw me remove my shoes on a bridge where the barriers over the edge are nothing more than waist high railings? I'm sure they would think I was a jumper and send screaming lights after me.

So I ran on in my trainers. What a wimp I am. Will I ever pluck up the courage, or should I just stick to my trainers? After all, they've served me well so far ...

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