Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter build up

Ok, I'm off work for the Easter hols.  I'm planning to run about 15 miles this week, and I'm really hoping that I can build up my barefoot running to about a mile by the end of the fortnight (though I'll be happy with about 3/4 mile).

2 miles shod today, followed by 0.4 miles in bare feet.  More people have seen me out, and the more that know I'm just a little bit mad, the easier it gets.  Today, it was the old lady with the dog, who was very concerned about the welfare of my feet and quizzed me about cuts and other dangers.  I chatted to her for a few seconds and continued on my way.

Three weeks ago I told my next door neighbour that she might see me out in bare feet.  The following week another neighbour saw me out without shoes, and reported this odd nugget of information back to my next door neighbour, who in turn reported that yes, I have been running in bare feet, and that it's supposed to be good for my form.  Apparently this news was met with a "she must be mad" look.

I quite like it - and the more people that see me, the less of a surprise it will be to everyone.

I do wonder sometimes why I'm still persuing this - after all, I did have to take six weeks out after my stress fracture, which - although it was in VFFs - was as a direct result of this weird obsession with minimalist running.  Maybe it's just a fad, but it does feel really nice running without shoes on - a bit scary, but oddly pleasant.  And once I've mastered the technique (if you ever really can), I'll make use of my VFFs again.

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