Friday, 27 April 2012

A trainer day

I was planning to only run barefoot this week, but the dire weather (torrential rain) and the fact that I have only run distances of 2 miles max over the last few weeks (in trainers) left me craving a longer run, and that meant trainers.

So I did just under 5 miles in my trainers with a 9 minute mile pace, and on the return leg I found myself wishing I could feel the wet tarmac beneath my feet.

When I got home, I took off my soggy trainers, and ran 0.4 mile in my bare feet.  The wet ground felt lovely and cool, but I was considerably slower than on some of my previous barefoot runs - only doing just under 14 min miles. I think this was because the heavy rain made it more difficult to see the ground clearly, and there seemed to be lots of debris - small stones, twigs, puddles and so on, so I was more careful.  In fact, I would say that it also felt less comfortable - which I think was because of the rain - it seemed more abrasive than when it's dry.

Anyway, only a couple of odd stares today.  Another runner who I see quite often, who usually smiles at me, but stared right down at the floor as she passed me as if to say 'I have no idea what you are doing, and I'm afraid to ask', and a van driver, who seemed to slow down as he passed me.  Or maybe I'm just paranoid!

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