Thursday, 19 April 2012

Half a mile and counting

Today I ran half a mile in bare feet.  I haven't done any barefoot running for a week, but last night I was reading an online magazine from Barefoot Running UK (look for the magazine which is quite a good read) and it inspired me to get out and build on last week's efforts.

I'm getting braver!  Today it was almost 11am when I ran (I failed to sneak out before everyone was up).  The window cleaner spotted me, as did a man and his son who got out of their car and looked curiously at my feet, and another runner who passed me in the opposite direction.  I even stopped and had a chat with the postman, who said that he's seen many people out running, but never anyone in bare feet.

No soreness - although the section of pavement about 200 metres from the house is seriously gravelly and rough, so it's a great reminder of the required technique.  I even took great pleasure in running through a small puddle which felt lovely and cool on my warm, tingly feet.

There's no pain where I had my stress fracture when I'm running in bare feet (in fact, there's more when I'm wearing my trainers), but I am still being uber careful.  Relax, relax, relax, bend the knees and keep that cadence up!

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