Friday, 25 November 2011

Beginning to change

Just been for a three mile run in my regular trainers.  I felt it pretty much straight away in my shins.  Don't get me wrong... I'm not suggesting for one minute that I'm already converted to my fives, but I can definitely feel a change taking place.

What I'm noticing is that my footfall seems really heavy - it's as though my heel is digging into the road with every step, much like when you land heavily on your foot in a pothole.  And on several occasions I found the aching in my shins so annoying that I deliberately transferred to a forefront technique just to give them a rest, something that I would have felt totally unnatural just a few weeks ago.

It's not that my fivefingers are fixing my running, it's like they are reminding me of how I could - or even should - be running.  I could probably tape a pebble to the base of my heel for a similar reminder to stay off my heels, but it's much cooler to wear fivefingers.

I'm still not fully convinced that my running is going to change beyond all recognition... There's a cynic deep inside me, even though I've wanted these 'shoes' for ages, but I'm loving the fact that my hunches seem to be right so far, and the pain free running? Well, I doubt running will ever be that, but if it's part way there, then it'll do for me.

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