Monday, 7 November 2011

Day 3

After my wholly successful first day in my FiveFingers, I was surprised to wake up on Day 2 and find that my lower legs were really quite sore - just muscle soreness, not sore in a wrong way - but sore nonetheless.  I was rather pleased I had resisted the urge to go further.  So after a rest day, I've just gone out again and done probably just under a mile.

On this run I really noticed my lower calves getting a good work out.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say they feel like my arms do when I try to do a few press ups - a serious build up of lactic.  I've given them a good stretch now so hopefully they won't feel too bad later.

But it's interesting.  I've run 13 miles and not felt it in my calves, and these shoes are making them sore after less than a mile.  I'm definitely finding some new muscles!  I particulary loved the way my feet warmed up today after a couple of minutes.  My feet were freezing at the start, but after a quarter of a mile or so, they felt lovely and toasty, and it's nice to be able to wiggle my toes whilst I'm running.

My running style is naturally very different too.  I'm padding along like a big cat, running wholly on the balls of my feet and then springing off my toes - there seems to be a greater degree of forward propulsion.  This might be braking effect of heel striking that I remember reading about.  And I haven't been using my Garmin, so I may have been going much, much slower than usual, but it seems as if it's much less effort.  There's not a drop of sweat on me (TMI??? - sorry!).

So, second day in my fives and I'm still very enthusiastic.  Off for my jacket spud now!

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