Friday, 11 November 2011

Mixing it up

Did a four miler today. First mile in my Vibram FiveFinger TrekSport, and then I switched to my trainers.

My lower calves felt a bit of a burn towards the end of the first mile, but nowhere near as much as last time I used them.  What was really strange was switching to my regular trainers straight after this. I really noticed that my toes felt like they were lost floating around inside an empty space. The other thing I wasn't keen on was what seemed like a ridiculous amount of cumbersome padding around my ankle. It felt like I'd tied foam rollers around them.

After half a mile in my trainers I could really feel the effort in my shins... the motion of putting my heel down first and then rolling forward to my toes is clearly putting strain on my shins, and probably explains my early years of shin splints.  The trainers also felt very heavy and made my legs feel heavy too.

Could it all be in my head? Or are these FiveFingers as good as they seem? All I know at the moment is that I can't wait to run a bit further in them.

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