Friday, 31 August 2012

Action Plan

After a week off with my sore heel, I decided to put a more consistent plan into action.

This involves sticking at a comfortable distance for a few weeks without any pain or injury before upping the distance by approximately a quarter of a mile and repeating the process.  This was always sort of in the back of my head, but I was not really keeping track of my progress and tempering the distance increases perhaps as much as I should.  I was reminded of this process after reading the "Lose the Shoes" plan on

So, here's the progress so far:
25/8/12:  0.5 miles - 7 mins 2 seconds
26/8/12:  0.52 miles - 7 mins 7 seconds
27/8/12:  0.53 miles - 7 mins 0 seconds
29/8/12:  0.5 miles - 6 mins 32 seconds (on account of having to run away from lots of people I knew!)
31/8/12:  0.61 miles - 8 mins 21 seconds

I'll now stick with the 0.6 mile distance for two weeks (and here's the reminder to myself) ie mid September.

The last run on the list (today's) was a fantastic run.  It's a beautiful, cool but sunny morning and my feet felt really good and strong.  I could have easily been tempted to do more!

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