Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Back from our hols

I've had over two weeks off running because I've been living it up in Florida.  Plenty of walking in flip flops or bare feet (in the water parks), and a couple of days in VFF Classics, so my feet felt like they'd had a great workout every day and I was confident that they'd feel strong on my first run back.

I ran just under two miles in my Classics - pretty slowly as I had my son in tow, but as expected, my feet felt great.  None of the twinges of my stress fracture were present, and I loved my final 0.3 miles in bare feet at the end.  Great to be running again.

The following day I did a four mile run in my trainers.  This certainly felt like hard work - whether because of the break from running, or because I've only been wearing very light shoes for two weeks, or because I'd had a short run the day before, I cannot say.  The following day, my thighs and calves were all very achey, and I really noticed the hip pain which I suffer from, which I've not had for the two weeks off running, nor had it returned on my VFFs run.

Today I've been for a two mile run in Classics, followed by 0.3 miles barefoot.  Much nicer than trainers, and I averaged around 9.40 min miles which is by far the fastest I've gone in minimalist footwear.

I'm thinking of signing up for the September 10k, and wonder whether I should go for a fast time (52 mins or so) in trainers, or whether to just go for any time, but in my Classics....  Decisions, decisions...

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