Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I braved the main road

Very brave today (and to be honest, I've annoyed myself with my fear of public barefoot running).  I ran to the end of our estate, and then along the main road.  This is significant progress, as so far, I've only run around the houses on our estate, or along a very quiet country lane.  I didn't take any shoes (even though I felt they'd be added security and I could put them on if I felt too conspicious).

I've checked with all my family that they aren't embarrassed (a bit tongue in cheek on my part - I'd probably do it anyway, but it's lovely to have their support).  My friends just think I'm a bit wacky.  I don't suppose it really matters what anyone else thinks.

My feet felt fantastic, the ground felt lovely, and when I got back there was not one single ache or blister.  This is the way forward I think.  0.88 miles and rising.

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